Sponsors of the show.  Please take the time to check out their awesome work!


Jo Stroud Artist

"I'm an artist and illustrator based in the South West of England. I explore the use of mixed media on canvas along with a free and natural style."

Check out her amazing art here!





Kel Ender is an artist based out of London, England.  You can find his awesome art on his etsy page here.




                                                                            Christopher Hykes

"I am a Firefighting Breathing Air Technician (FireBAT) servicing firefighting equipment in Western Pennsylvania. I am a costumed character at a small amusement park for Halloween and Christmas, and make a lot of the costumes and props used for those events. I started Cosplaying in December 2014 at the request of my fellow Park Monsters, and have built that experience into a small prop and jewelry business. I am a life member of the Pittsburgh TechShop, which is where I manufacture all my Lasercut items and many other things."

Check out his cool 3D printed and laser-cut items in his Etsy shop here.



                                                                                   Lottie Mackay

Ello I'm a massive Labyrinth and David Bowie fan. To have the labyrinth characters is so rare, and hard to find, so I figured as I felt I shall create them myself. Knowing there is a Labyrinth fan base out there I want to share my labyrinth characters with my fellow labyrinth fans! 

" I don't know why but every now and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you, all of you"

Check out her awesome felted creations on her Etsy page here.



Billy Domingues

"I am a twenty something designer with a love of cinema ,well, more of an obsession with film! A visual aesthetic derived of comic books and video game art and influenced by such artists as Saul Bass and Drew Struzan. I like to create simple, striking work, with a minimalist edge. So what better way to share my passions than to sell my art through Etsy. My artwork is created with Adobe Illustrator, each item is built of , sometimes, hundreds of layers of shapes to create one single piece. Basically every closed colour you see is a shape, which builds a single cohesive image. 

I began my journey as a Designer through attending a course in Illustration and Graphic Design at East Surrey College in Surrey, England. Adobe Illustrator quickly became my got to software package, as I found it easy to use and offered a wide range of design possibilities. After having purchased it for home use, I began creating vector illustrations of favourite movie and comic book characters. 

With time I developed more work and decided it would be a good idea to set up a webpage to sell my work as I hadn't seen any art of its style anywhere else. Etsy was the perfect choice."

You can check out his awesome cult movie inspired work on his ETSY PAGE or on his INSTAGRAM account.


The phina project

Chelsie Penn

"The Phina Project was born 6 years ago with the purpose to help 'craft my way through college'. The 'Project's purpose now is to spread as many dolls and as much love as possible. For every doll purchased, one is donated. The donations right now go to women's shelters to comfort children who are finding themselves in a time of transition. Please message for additional outreach suggestions and opportunities." 

To find out more about the project, visit thephinaproject.blogspot.com , check out her Instagram account, and 'like' me on Facebook! 

You can check out all of her amazing plush creations on her Etsy page HERE!